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We are pleased to inform you that just before Christmas, we delivered new lobbies in three buildings of EMPARK – Saturn, Sirius and Orion, to make lives of our tenants even more comfortable.

In all modernized spaces appeared new lamps and furniture: comfortable armchairs and puffs as well as coffee tables. Along with them, decisive but not insistent colors entered the lobbies. New, cozy and atmospheric “spots” with intimate lighting, beautiful carpets, interestingly furnished, are designed for small, informal meetings.

Lighting plays an important role in all lobbies. This decorative design in the form of designer lamps has been installed over newly designed receptions, giving them a new rank. Apart from the esthetic role, lighting is also designed to improve the energy of buildings and adapt them to modern standards by using more efficient and energy-saving LED sources.

We welcome you in the new lobbies of EMPARK buildings!

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