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How to get to EMPARK?

The complex is located between Domaniewska, Postępu, Marynarska and Wołoska. Just a 10-minute drive EMPARK from the city center, as well as the Airport them. Frederic Chopin. On the opposite side of the street Wołoska is Galeria Mokotów – one of the most popular shopping centers in Warsaw, which provides access suspended over the street footbridge.

The location of the complex offers excellent access to both public transport and by car from all parts of the city.

EMPARK Bus provides employees EMPARK after presenting an access card, free shuttle to the office EMPARK-in (the stop is located on the inner courtyard of the complex, next to the well Oligocene) and to the Metro station Wilanowska.

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117 Wilanów – Gocław
136 Natolin Płn. – Młynów
138 Utrata Skład – Bokserska
218 Metro Wilanowska – Rakowiecka
165 Wyczółki – Metro Wilanowska
189 Sadyba – Os. Górczewska
317 Stegny – P+R Al. Krakowska
365 Metro Wilanowska – Bokserska
401 Ursus Niedźwiadek – Marysin
504 Os. Kabaty – Dworzec Centralny


17 Metro Młociny – Służewiec
31 Metro Wilanowska – Służewiec
18 Domaniewska 04 – Żerań FSO


Metro Wilanowska Darmowy bus
Metro Wierzbno

Access to the complex EMPARK from any place in Warsaw
takes up to 40m.

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