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The weather outside the window is not very welcoming. Most of us are already thinking about Spring, sunshine and pleasant temperatures.
How to prepare for Spring? How to use the current time so that when it comes you are ready for it – not only in mind, but also with the body? You will think: physical activity. That’s right! However, it is equally important to eat properly based on a properly balanced diet! In other words: eating in a wise way.

Therefore, IMMOFINANZ – the owner of the office building together with his partner, LightBox, arranged, especially for the employees of the complex, all those interested in healthy eating, free dietitian advices combined with tasting healthy dishes. In addition, the company’s representative will also explain about the benefits of the popular recently “box diet”.

We cordially invite you between 11am -2pm:
January 15th – lobby of Taurus building
January 16th – lobby of Sirius building
January 17th – lobby of Orion building
January 18th – lobby of Saturn building

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